Current All-In Rates: 6.908% (10-year), 6.445% (20-year), and 6.354% (25-year)
Rappahannock Economic Development Corporation

VetLoan Advantage


REDCO stands with our nation’s veterans and remains dedicated to assisting veteran-owned businesses achieve their small business goals. We are a proud participant in the VetLoan Advantage Program, a strategic initiative of the National Association of Development Companies (NADCO), and a supplement to the SBA 504 Program.

If you are a veteran business owner interested in securing long-term, low-rate fixed financing for your business, this program makes it more affordable than ever with reduced fees. Our discount extends to the participating Third Party Lender, as well.

If you are currently exploring your financing options, or are a bank lender seeking the best solutions for your client, please give us a call now at 540-373-2897, or email We are happy to work with you!

Who Benefits Loan Amount Discount
Veteran-Owned Business Up to $5.50 million Reduction of the borrower’s origination fee from 1.50% to 1.00% of REDCO’s loan amount.
Third Party Lender Up to $5.50 million REDCO pays 1/2 of the lender’s SBA fee (.25% of .50% SBA fee)