Current All-In Rates: 6.908% (10-year), 6.445% (20-year), and 6.354% (25-year)
Rappahannock Economic Development Corporation

CEO+ Program

We understand our role is greater than being a preferred provider of the 504 Program throughout Virginia. We want to be a resource for your growing business, and as a value added service, REDCO has partnered with the UMW Center for Economic Development to provide the CEO+ Program for REDCO 504 loan recipients. The CEO+ Program is a collection of training, business intelligence and financial counseling designed to strengthen the capabilities of small business owners. Through our unique partnership with the Center for Economic Development, REDCO’s customers have access to specialized management training, industry reports, benchmark studies, and financial management assistance. Please call our office at 540-373-2897 or email for more information. We want to be part of the solution for your growing business!